How to hide popups/conversion mats on a link for some visitors but keep them running




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    You guy's rock!
    Seriously - it's normally that the more I use an app these days I find the more and more limitations. 
    But every time is use wishloop stuff I find more and more cool ways that I can improve the experience for my prospects and increase my results. 


    Awesome stuff!




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    Gdfwilliams (Edited )

    Very useful.  Rather than requiring an ugly hide_ef_popup=yes in the URL, perhaps we could also define any URL arguments to do the same thing?  For example, if I send my email newsletter traffic to my website, I already have their email address, so they don't have to see a pop-up.  If we could define ANY URL variables, then we could configure a camapign not to trigger is utm_medium=email or if utm_campaign=newsletter or whatever...

    It could fit well here, under 'Exclude some traffic sources?':

    'Exclude these URL arguments: utm_medium=email, utm_campaign=newsletter'

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    Ayoub (Edited )

    Hi Gdfwilliams

    I really apologize for the very late reply as we don't monitor the comments section for support, but you're totally right, if you use the 'Exclude some traffic sources?' option, you can achieve exactly what you're looking for :)

    Have a great day!

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